Airport Metaverse
Digital Twins

Digital Twins for Airports

Unlock the full potential of your airport with MetaSphere's Digital Twins!

Visualize your airport's data in 3D, giving you an unprecedented level of insight and control.

With real-time sensor data, alarms and events seamlessly integrated into the platform, make data-driven decisions and collaborate across teams by transforming your airport operations!

Integrate IoT sensor data

Visualize the status of all your sensors in real-time regardless of the manufacturer's brand.

Receive alarms & events in real-time and implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) rules.

Airport Digital Twin IoT Integration

Predictive Insights

By continuously analyzing the performance of all IoT sensors, our A.I engine generates maintenance recommendations correlated with the impact on the operational performance of the Airport.

Airport 3D Digital Twin AI Insights

Digital Twins can increase the performance of Airports by 70%

Automate Operations

With real-time data syncing, MetaSphere's digital twins can track and manage aircrafts, ground crew and equipment, reducing human error and increasing efficiency. The solution also uses machine learning algorithms to predict and prevent potential issues, leading to smoother and faster ground operations. Experience the future of aviation with a digital twin solution that delivers a smarter, safer and more seamless airport experience.

Airport Digital Twin Automation

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