Digital Twins
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What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset, facility or system that enables organizations to optimize their performance and deliver better outcomes for customers.

The most common usecase for digital twins is visualizing & measuring inneficiencies within complex real-world systems such as the machines in a factory or the pipes in a water treatment plant.

Digital twins can also be used for to see how a new building will look & perform before it's built, or to help customers customize products before purchasing them.

Immersive 3D Visualization
We use photogrametry or BIM files to generate 3D maps of complex industrial sites

Intuitive User Experience
Our dashboards are built for intuition and are designed to minimize training for end-users

Data Integration
MetaSphere's RESTful API supports live or historical data streams from a myriad of protocols and data formats

A.I Insights
We run machine learning algorithms on your data to generate high level insights such as Predictive Maintenance

Enterprise Metaverses

MetaSphere develops immersive enterprise metaverses using 3D Digital Twins.

We integrate all of our client's data sources into one common operating picture and provide real-time insights to end-users.

Our enterprise solutions can be implemented on premise or in the cloud for Airports, Data Centers, Government Agencies and Smart Industries such as cities or factories.

Manhattan 3D Digital Twin
UK City 3D Digital Twin
Smart Factory AI Insights

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